New catalog and new website

Posted under news On 18 October, 2022

The end of the year period is particularly important for the Frascio commercial and communication area, with the print of new catalogue; soon to be released new website, essential and immediate for the best navigation, we reveal it step by step.

The new catalogue: in print, the long-awaited new work tool that is based on the elements of brand recognition and that proposes the collections according to the different characteristics of taste and inspiration. The company also gave the opportunity to expand the possibility of reading the design of the handle, an increasingly qualifying interiors customization element.

Attention is renewed Media for Frascio: on Matrix4Design

A new dedicated study to the development of the foreign market and story of the most popular products including Solaris design Cantarutti & Martinig.

Report Frascio target architects and designers

even with the new dedicated article to signature handles, including Blade, design Brian Sironi treated in webmagazine IoArch in the area of design and material.

Thanks for your attention,
by the owner and the Frascio team!