Handles are a functional architectural element that link together the door structure and interior design of a project. Thanks to Frascio’s strong history, technology and research into the needs of the future, we are able to satify the ever-changing requests of architects and interior designers with originality and innovation.

“I always look to the future with confidence, since it is the forward progression of our experiences. 2022 is an important milestone for us as it represents the tangible result of our hard work over the past ten years, building the Frascio brand to achieve what we envisioned: a small but growing Italian company, highly skilled and reliable, producing handles destined for all over the world.”

Massimo Soldi

CEO of Frascio srl


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The ideal lever handle allows you to enter into the future and explore Unlimited Worlds.

collezioni maniglie

The lever handle represents the core of Frascio’s business. To meet the market’s need for variety, a wide range of designs and technical standards are available to satisfy each project’s architectural requirements and design expectations.

PVD finiture

Certified PVD technology leads the industry.

innovazione finiture

Frascio demonstrated industry leadership by being the first to introduce the world to PVD coatings on lever handles providing previously unseen finish performance. Now with more than 30 years of experience, Frascio’s PVD finish options provide lifelong durability without the need for clear coatings, thanks to the scratchproof hardness of their surfaces. Inoxbrass, Inoxchrome, Inoxbronze, and Anthracite are industry leading finishes, their color tone always in step with modern interior design trends. The company has continuously invested in process and equipment to maintain world class PVD technology and performance.


Frascio has always remained committed to creating high quality product solutions and ensuring the highest ongoing performance levels. We achieve this by showing great care with each product, as well as our commitment to using technology to its fullest potential.

The Frascio brand is certified to ISO9001:2015 standards, and has an organization behind it that carefully regulates production, using innovative approaches to create a streamined yet flexible system to meet the needs of the market.

Our approach to products is based in our deep passion for what we do, and our desire to create something unique. This passion is based in our commitment to Italian craftmanship and creates great value for our customers.




Frascio proudly offers its professional design range to satisfy demands from all over the world, providing technical standards, finishes, and design solutions that meet the needs of the local market. The presence of Frascio’s handles in architectural works, that every year grows larger and larger, are proof of a reliability and a service that can comply even with the most demanding requests.


Lords of Verona

Verona, Italy


Lords of Verona

Verona, Italy


House Boat

Puntaldia, Italy


House Boat

San Teodoro, Sassari, Italy


Triangle Park Lofts

Basalt Co, Stati Uniti


The Legacy at Millenium Park

Chicago Il, Stati Uniti


La Bella Sera Condominiums

Clearwater Fl, Stati Uniti


Clayton Street Condominiums

Denver Co, Stati Uniti


Watersite Loft

Denver Co, Stati Uniti


Four Season Hotel

Atlanta Ga, Stati Uniti


11-39 Blue Pool Road Residential

Honk Kong


Miró building

Concepcion, Chile


Edificio Jardines de Villuco

Concepcion, Chile


Edificio Mirador Plaza

Concepcion, Chile


Obra San Damian

Santiago, Chile