Frascio shares the great appreciation for the new ’23 collection design handles presented at the BAU international exhibition

Posted under -, news On 15 May, 2023

Form, function, colour
the image of the Seppia collection
it is a hymn to the value of colour.

The color connotes the new handle with a shape inspired by the cuttlefish bone: thus Seppia was born, a handle with an empathetic character, where the rounded shape of the grip seems to sail on the neck of the handle.

A physiognomy that lives on color and finishes more refined, to interpret the new living trend.

The new Frascio handles that are part of the ’23 collection
they offer a diversified design approach, the result of collaboration with designers of different backgrounds: each new model offers an interesting starting point for completing residential and collective use projects in detail.

Comments and specific requests from the operators are for the Frascio company the best outcome of the daily collaboration and on the occasion of meetings at the Fair:

thank you all from the owner and the Frascio team.