The new year announces special Frascio investments and activities

Posted under news On 15 January, 2024

The new year announces special Frascio investments and activities designed to give constant push to the brand, the product, the sales force: Unlimited Worlds Frascio.

Thanks to the collaboration with qualified and attentive designers capable of anticipating the needs, desires, tastes of the public, new challenges and new opportunities emerge.

We are pleased to share the point of view of Brian Sironi, a designer who with Frascio has given continuity to the research and design work, now with the relevance of the Decima mod handle.

From Brian Sironi’s story it is possible to grasp the attitude, passion and rigor with which the designer approaches the theme of the project.

Innovating is what the designer never loses sight of during his work and Frascio confirms this opportunity for comparison, as can be seen in the different models included in the catalog over the years, signed by Brian Sironi.

“Innovation is what I try to pursue in every project, if not radical innovation at least incremental, sometimes it can be a small sign or design gesture never experienced before.”

The Decima handle, the new model that we invite you to use in the most qualified projects.

To discover and evaluate all the project customization opportunities, we remind you of the newest collections and invite you to contact the local Frascio representatives for every need and special activity.

We invite you to follow us on social channels to stay in touch with our reality, always remaining available for specific project requests and quotes.

Thank you for your attention, from the owner and the Frascio team.